Embroidery Guide

Make your Torres Novas unique with our embroidery guide!

We prepared this guide to help you customize your Torres Novas with our custom embroidery service. You can embroider any Torres Novas product- bath towels, bath mats, beach towels and bathrobes.

1. Pick your Torres Novas
2. Select one of our 6 fonts
3. Choose one of 15 embroidery thread colors
4. Do you know what to write? Need some ideas?

We'll help - you can embroider your first name's initial or both your initials, your name, your surname initials ou just any other word. Be creative!

Options for each type of font

Some embroidery fonts are best suited for initials and some are best suited for full-length names or words. Find below the options for each different font.

Classic / 2 Letter Circle / 3 Letter Circle
Simulate & pre-visualize your embroidery

On each product's page, click on 'Personalize' to simulate and pre-visualize what your embroidery will look like before adding your  chosen Torres Novas to your cart.

If you need any help or suggestions feel free to get in touch via +351912977955 (also WhatsApp) or